Frequently Asked Questions

Confuse about our services? Don't worry! We have all the answers to your questions.

The cost of developing a website depends on your requirements. You can connect with our project advisor to calculate the cost of designing your website.

A domain is the name of your website through which anyone can open your website on the internet. Some examples of domain names are facebook.com, scoutbizz.com, and amazon.in, etc.

Hosting is the server that stores your website data and makes your website live on the internet. You can buy hosting from Scoutbizz Internation or other platforms like GoDaddy, Hostinger, Name Cheap, etc.

Premium themes are a kind of complete website template which we use to develop your website.

You can download our brochure from the link given below.

In Technical support we will assist you in case of any technical issues related to the website.
NOTE- We will not be able to assist you if the problems created by any developer who is not a part of Scoutbizz International or hosting issues if your website is not hosted with us.

It takes seven working days to give you the first review of the website, and for HTML/ CSS, we take up to 25 days. After 1st review, it takes another 2 to 10 days to get it completely done to make it live, the rest depending upon the response from our client and their requirements. In total, you can expect a WordPress website to get live within ten days and HTML/ CSS in 90 days.

Don't worry! We are always here to assist you. We will take care of all the technical issues on your website. But please note that we will not be able to assist you in the issues created by any developer who is not a part of Scoutbizz International or hosting issues if your website hosting is not with us.

A revision means a round of editing of your website. Revisions are conducted after we give 1st review of your website to you. After 1st review and before making your website live, you can ask us three times to do editing on the website. That's what three revisions mean.

You can change header images and add/ edit/ remove products and product categories. You can also do content editing if your website is built on WordPress without touching codes, but as suggested, you not do that as it may require some technical knowledge and may hamper your website.

We develop websites using WordPress, HTML, and CSS.

Yes, we can write content for your website, and the good news is that it is included in our development cost. Just in case you need the content written by a professional content writer, we can help you with that as well, but that will be chargeable.

No, we do not provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.

Yes, all the website made by us are SEO friendly.

Yes, we provide website maintenance services. We have various AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) plans, which you can browse from the link below.

Yes, we provide FREE 1 year of technical support once the website goes live. After the first year, you can buy technical support services from us.

Yes, we do provide logo designing services. Please connect one of our project advisors to get one or solve your inquiries for the same. Click on the link below to connect with our Project Advisor.

Technical support will assist you if there is any technical glitch in your website, and maintenance will keep a tap on your website performance and keep it updated.