Web Development

Terms & Conditions

Given below are the terms and conditions of Scoutbizz International. These are made for the benefit of the client and the company.

Website Design and Development Teams & Conditions

  • After completion of the project, our team will explain to you how to use the admin panel, cPanel and how to take backup of your website.
  • We give your 1-year technical support which means we will solve any kind of technical issues which come in your website in the work done by us. We will not be responsible for the work or services that have done/ provided by another company or person.
  • You will be responsible to maintain your own backups of the website. In case of data loss, virus, file corruption, or any kind of malware we will not be able to recover the data if you haven't taken them back on time. In technical support, we can re-upload the backup of your website but that backup must be kept with you. We will not be responsible to maintain/ keep safe/ store any kind of file or backup which is related to your work.
  • We will edit and customize the website as per our discussion and the possibilities of the theme and plugins. Customization of the theme will also be done to the extent which has been discussed.
  • Content of the website will be written by the developer which will be basic content, if you want content written by a content writer then there will be extra charges.
  • In case of any technical issue, we will take up to 72hrs to solve the issue. In some cases, it may take more than 72hrs.
  • Credentials of the website will be shares and the website will get live on the main domain after clearance of the entire amount due.
  • Server uptime is 99%+
  • The website will be designed and developed of the discussed technology.
  • We will not work on coding such as php, CSS, PHP,etc on WordPress website. Any use of codes will add some extra cost to the client for the project.
  • For any reason , if we will not be deliver the website according to the above proposal( applicable to functionality related failures only) we shall be refunding your paid amount within 30 days of closure.
  • If your there is a delay in content or communication for more than 30 days from the project initiation that we will close it from our end. In this case, your money will be forfeited. You can re-open your project within one year but it will cost you 1,000/- and initiate the work anytime within 1 year (1 year from the date and time when you made the initiation payment).
  • Social Media Marketing Teams & Conditions

  • We will share the creative with you for confirmation before posting it on social media.
  • We do not guarantee any direct/ indirect followers or business from postings only.
  • Each graphic will be having a maximum of 3 revisions.
  • You have to make the payment before the due date of every month to keep availing of the services.
  • In all paid campaigns budget will be allocated as per the client.
  • Once the payment is done by the client than the paid amount will not be refunded in any circumstances.